Welcome to work on your master thesis in a seminar-based form!

For Whom?

The seminar is meant for Master students who are interested in thesis topics related to human-technology interaction and user experience. This is mainly intended for TUT students but it is possible for the HTI programme students also from UTA to take part. The seminar is suitable for students who have planned to start doing their thesis in early 2016 or who have recently started working on it.

It is not necessary to have a topic or a supervisor defined when joining the seminar. The very first thing in the seminar will be topic selection and supervisor assignment. On the first session different supervisors will present various topics to choose from. For a tentative list of topics, see the link below.

Regarding work load, it’s okay to do 1-2 courses in parallel but not much more than that. During Jan-March the scheduling of the seminar expects about half-time work effort, while in the Spring and Summer it expects more or less full-time work with the thesis.

Note that the "traditional" thesis process is always an alternative, if for example the schedule is not optimal for you.


The seminar aims to:
1) make the thesis process more structured, systematic and scheduled: the normally quite long exploration phase gets shorter;
2) enrich the feedback and support that students would get from the supervisor: students get equal amount and quality of instructing (within class and from peers);
3) support maintaining motivation during the fairly long thesis work: meetings at least once a month;
4) optimize the supervisors’ use of time without compromising quality: the supervisors can put their effort in instructing the essential questions related to the content of the thesis, while the seminar provides the basic principles of doing research and writing a thesis.

The seminar does not grant any credit points: the students have to do tasks that they would anyway have to do in their thesis but all this will happen in a more structured and scheduled way in a more supporting working environment.


The seminar lasts approx. 9 months and includes 7 joint meetings with the whole group as well as meetings with the personal supervisor and a peer group.

There joint meetings last 2-3h and will take place on Mondays 14:15-~17 (there can be exceptions to this). The tentative dates are the following: 23.1.2016, 20.2., 13.3., 10.4., 15.5., 19.6., 21.8.

The joint meetings and peer group activity are voluntary but highly encouraged. They give a chance to ask questions, discuss, get new viewpoints and make your thesis as good as possible.