This course introduces student with key principles related to standards and regulations, which are essential to know while working in the health informatics domain. Health information systems interoperability and key standards will also be studied. Course requires the student to have pre-existing knowledge on the basics of health information systems. After having passed this course, the student:

  • Can define what data security, privacy, and safety
  • Knows the central regulations related to health information systems and privacy and security of health data, and knows how they need to be taken into account in health information system development
  • Knows general health informatics standards and interoperability approaches, and can describe how they are applied in practice
  • Can apply the most important standards which are widely used in Finland in health information systems in software development
  • Can assess whether a health information system is implemented according to regulations and interoperability principles
It is highly recommended that the student acquires programming skills before this course because it may be difficult to understand some concepts without these skills.