2. Login

  • Go to: > Login

  • Starting from 31.12.2018 you can login to TUT Moodle using:

    • Login with TUNI account
      If you haven't activated your TUNI account, please do so now:

    • HAKA login
      Almost all students and teachers at Finnish higher education institutions can login to TUT Moodle using HAKA login

    • Login with special Moodle account
      Other external users, e.g. continuing education courses

    • In special cases, with your old TUT, UTA or TAMK account, if you have used it to access Moodle before 1.1.2019 
      • You have visitor account and you don't have yet TUNI account.
      • You are UTA or TAMK student and you have used your secondary TUT account gained from cross-institutional studies.

  • It's also possible to login as guest without credentials. Guests can access and view only those special courses where the teacher of the course has activated Guest access enrolment method 

If you have problems to log in to Moodle, please contact IT-helpdesk.