4. Quick guide for teachers

4.3. Important settings

  • Administration -block > Course administration > Edit settings

  • General > Course full name: Use the official name from ROCKista, e.g. ROCK-10000 2017-02 Example course
  • General > Course short name (course code): Use the official course code from ROCK, e.g. ROCK-10000 2017-02
  • General > Course visibility (publish course to students)
  • General > Course start date
  • General > Course end date (affects only Courses in progress course -listings, use Visible -setting to actually show/hide course)
    On course end date the course will be moved from Courses in progress -listing to Courses past -listing

  • Full name, short name and start date are automatically set correctly if you create a new Moodle course area from ROCK

  • Course format > Format

  • Appearance > Force language

  • Files and uploads > Maximum upload size