4. Quick guide for teachers

4.2. Copy course

  • You can copy content from your old course to a new empty course

  • Go to your new empty Moodle course

  • Administration -block > Import

  • Find your old course to import content from
  • Select the course
  • Continue

  • Next

  • Uncheck News forum (already in the new course)
  • Next

  • Import

  • Wait until the import is done, importing a large course can take several minutes
  • Import complete: Continue

  • Check if the new course contains any Turnitin Assignments (old version) activities. Delete those old version activities from the new course and add new Turnitin Assignment activities instead

  • If the new course contains Echo360 activities (lecture capture videos) setup a new link between the activity and Echo360 video by clicking the activity

  • All other activities in the new course are exact copies from the old course, so you must edit e.g. assignment dates, links to internal course materials and so on

  • Note that course settings are not copied from the old course to the new one, you need to change them manually. Settings to check: participants, enrollment key, course format, number of sections, course name, language. Especially if you see orphaned sections in the new course while editing course area, raise the number of sections setting.