4. Quick guide for teachers

4.10. Delete course

  • According to TUT records management policy student assignments and other materials should be preserved at least six months and not more than two years after the assessment. 

  • To obey TUT records management policy, the simplest solution for teacher is to delete courses from Moodle if more than two years has been passed since the course has been actively used. For example it is over two years since the last assignment has been submitted or assessed. 

  • If there are more than one teacher in the Moodle course, please verify from other teachers that the course can be deleted. 

  • To delete course in Moodle, go to the Moodle course area:
    Administration -block > Course administration > Edit settings > Move course to recycle bin 

  • All courses in recycle bin category will be permanently deleted monthly (last day of each month). 

  • When a course is moved to recycle bin the course is also automatically hidden from students. Teachers in the course can still use the course normally until the last day of the current month. 

  • If you accidentally moved a course to the recycle bin, contact IT Helpdesk to move the course back to the original category.