How to create a new Moodle course?

As a teacher you are able to create a Moodle course for your course implementation at ROCK. Check that you have rights to update ROCK course implementation details. By creating a Moodle course this way, the link will be shown to students automatically.

** How can I add new Moodle course for my course implementation?

  • Go to ROCK
  • Find your course implementation round (Select year) and open General info tab.
  • Scroll down to "Course area and links". 
  • Click button "Create new Moodle-course area". 
  • After page reload scroll back to "Course area and links" and follow the link Link to course area to Moodle. 

Editing Moodle settings:

  • In Moodle, edit course settings: Administration > Course administration > Edit settings 
  • Check and edit following course settings if needed: 
    • General: 
      • Visible (change to publish the course to students) 
      • Course start date (important, if you change the course format to Weeks)  
    • Description
      •  Course summary (public course description shown in course listings and search results)  
    • Course format 
      • Format (defaut "Topics format", can be changed at any time) 
      • Number of sections (number of topics or weeks, by default 10)  
    • Appearance 
      • Force language (by default user can choose Moodle interface language, but teacher can force to English that for example on English courses)  
    • Set the enrolment key (password for self-enrolment) if needed: Administration > Course administration > Users > Enrolment methods > Self enrolment (Student) > Enrolment key
    • Add other teachers: Administration > Course administration > Users > Enrolled users > Enrol users -button > Search with name or email address (Note the role selection on top of the popup window!)


  • By default, the new Moodle course is visible only to you as course creator in Moodle, students and other teachers can't access it until you publish the course and add other teachers manually
  • Direct Moodle link for students in POP on course implementation page is activated after you make the Moodle course visible by editing Moodle course settings. Until that students see information that the Moodle course exists but is not available.

** How can I copy content and activities from my old Moodle course to new one?

Moodle course created from ROCK is empty from content. This is how you can copy all content and structure from old Moodle course:

  • Go to your new empty Moodle course and select Import link from Administarion block on the left. Import wizard starts.
    • Step 1 Find a course to import data from: Select or search the correct old course
    • Step 2 Initial settings: Leave all checkboxes selected. 
    • Step 3 Schema settings: uncheck unnecessary content that need not to be copied.
Note! Uncheck News forum (allready in the new course) 
Note2! Turnitin activities (old version) (new copy will still be connected to the old activity)

    • Step 4 Confirmation and review: Click "Perform import"
    • Step 5: Continue back to your new Moodle course.
  • Turn editin on and check if Moodle shows Orphaned activities sections. If so, increase number of shown sections by clicking the plus sign on bottom right or by editing Number of sections value in course settings. This happens if you have more than default 10 sections in your old Moodle course.


  • Course settings are not copied from old course to new one, you need to change them manually. Settings to check:
    • Course format
    • Force language
    • Enrolment key
  • All activity deadlines and other dates need to be checked and changed for this new course implementation.
  • You can do the import only once, another import will duplicate all content items.
  • If you have problems with import, please contact IT-Helpdesk

** How should I restrict students to access old Moodle course?

You have two options how to restrict access to Moodle course:

  • disable new students to join the Moodle course (it does not effect on old students already joined) Administration > Course administration > Users > Enrolment methods > Self enrolment (Student) > Allow new enrolments: No
  • hiding the Moodle course from everyone, also old students (disables also the link at POP) Administration > Edit settings > Visible: Hide

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